Downhole Connectors

High Pressure HP/HT & Medium Pressure MP/MT

The HP/HT and MP/MT connector series is designed for use in downhole applications. Connectors are available in 1 to 15 contacts with outside diameter less than .750Ø. These connectors are pressure rated up to 20,000psi @ 200°C (392°F). Uses include LWD and MWD tools. Some connectors also available as a penetrator.


The Original Tensor Connector - Everything Else Is A Copy

The split-interface design, now known in the industry KTK (Kintec), was originally designed in 1992 and manufactured for Tensor, Inc. by James Wagaman, Chief Engineer at Kintec, Inc. from 1974 to 1994. Mr. Wagaman is the founder of Wetechnologies Inc. and is still the OEM supply to this tool for these items, and has subsequently developed reduced diameter designs and penetrators to compliment the tool's continuing development. Applications for these connetors include MWD/LWD, Downhole Battery Packs, Steering Tools, Porosity/Gamma Tools and where High Pressure High Temperature "HP/HT" requirements are specified. ALL Wetechnologies designs are manufacturered using a proprietary GRE molding compound and undergo simultaneous pressure/temperature testing to guaratee rated performance, every run, every time.